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Documentary Brainstorming

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Saved by Pilar Diaz
on October 19, 2009 at 5:29:55 pm

This page is for compiling and considering technical and conceptual aspects of our documentary project.





  • DV (720 x 480)
  • 1080i (widescreen 16:9)

We have filmed mostly in DV format - should we limit future shoots?

How does everyone feel about the possibility of dealing with 2 formats in production time?


Who-What-Where We've Shot Already 

  • People
    • Anne Palmer, CLF
    • Roni Neff, CLF
    • Joyce Smith, SoWeBo SNAP
    • John Shields?
  • Places
    • Lexington Market
    • Maryland Food Center Authority
    • Food Bank?


Possibilities for Shooting/Re-Shooting

  • Maryland Food Center Authority - Interviews + Structured Shots
  • (Lexington) Market - more sustained shots, Interviews with workers... Who runs the market? Check out their website... other markets as well (Trinacria?)
  • Supermarkets: Giant - Whole Foods
  • Farmers Markets: Baltimore, Waverly, College Station
  • Corner Stores
  • Restaurants/Fast Food locations
  • Urban Farming Projects - may be better in Spring - Real Food, Participation Park




Mission Statement

Is there an underlying focus - human rights, empathy, call to action - that we want to embrace in order to focus the project a bit more? What are the possibilities for this focus?



Our approach to filmmaking - is there an authority in the presentation (authority being a narrator, or recurring compositional framing device)

How much of ourselves to we allow to show in the project - how do we present ourselves as a group? As individuals?


Examples of Documentaries

& What We Can Learn from them

  • King Corn
    • Use of Consistent Thread - Stop motion animation (plastic figurines of farm)
  • The Future of Food
    • Narration woven through entire documentary
  • The Gleaners
  • Water
  • Super-size Me

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