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The maps would provide an important visual aspect, presenting statistics and research that we have gathered in a clear, straight forward, and creative way, easy for all to understand. I think they could be a way to tie the other sections together, by having "map segments" dispersed through the documentary, possibly summarizing or tying together different aspects of the film. 





  • survey of local natural resources
    • local farms
    • local edible plants/wildlife
  • survey of where people actually obtain their food
    • grocery stores     
    • corner stores
    • farmers markets
    • soup kitchens/charity
    • eat out
    • other- grow their own, scavenging, dumpster diving
  • (interview/survey actual residents, door-to-door?)
  • the places in-between
    • where do the grocery stores get their products from?
    • where do the corner stores get their products from?
    • warehouses, processing plants,packaging plants- how many places does the food go through before it reaches the grocery stores?
    • local processing/packaging plants- where do they ship to?
    • modes of transportation, miles traveled, gas costs
  • presentation possibilities
    • interactive maps showing the food's travels
    • animation, claymation, diagrams, actual maps
    • possibly clips of interviews from surveys- where people get their food
    • clips of myself trying to obtain the information (or audio clips)- grocery stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants.
      • trying to get interviews with people that work there
  • in the past
    • how did people living in Baltimore obtain their food?
    • was it more local?
    • maybe try to interview older people about their food experiences growing up.
    • how the city has changed- inner harbor, industry, where the food comes and goes from.
    • comparison interactive maps- then and now and possibly future options
  • possible project- following a food truck with a car and filming

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