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Shooting Checklist

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Check List


Video Settings:


[get from Graham]




·      Battery Levels

·      Tapes

·      Extra Batteries

·      Extension Cords

·      Power cords



Kit with camera

·      Battery Charger

·      Battery (full)

·      Video Output RCA cable




Tripod: Monfroto/Fluidhead Tripod


Monitor: 8.4” monitor

·      Monitor

·      Battery Plate

·      Battery Charger

·      Stool to put monitor down on

·      RCA/BNC cord adapter

·      Set using color bars


Arri Lighting Set

·      Lights/Gels

·      Chimera ******** Get the kit with this in it



·      Sound Box

·      Headphones (with adapter)

·      Check Battery Level

·      Cord to connect with Camera


Laveller Mic

·      Mics

·      Extra AA batteries

·      Receiver

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